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Does Talk121 offer a Free Trial?


  • Yes, we do offer a Free Trial.  When you (a man calling for the first time) call Talk121, you receive a block of minutes (e.g., ten minutes) that allows you to send private messages to female callers and to respond to private messages. However, our Free Trial does not give you access to one-on-one Live Chat. If you want to use the Live Chat feature, you must become a member by purchasing minutes.



Seriously, I can call for free on your trial chat line?  Are there any catches or small print things I should know?


  • The Talk121 trial chat line is free, except for your usual carrier charges, such as long distance or air time if you are calling from a mobile phone.  Talk121 does not charge a connection fee, per minute charges or anything like that.  It is 100% free for non-members to listen to live greetings and private messages.  First time Free Trial Callers can also send Private Messages for the duration of their Free Trial period.



If I don’t use all of my Free Trial minutes, can I call back and use them later?


  • No.  Free Trial minutes are available on your first call only.



Can I continue to call Talk121 for free after my Free Trial expires?



How do Talk121's toll-free FREE Trial numbers work?



Can I call Talk121 if I live in Canada?




Is Talk121 FREE for women?

  • Yes, Talk121 is always completely FREE for women, talk as much as you want, whenever you want!


Does Talk121 offer a Chatline that is FREE for men?


  • Yes!  We offer a Chatline where men are able to talk as much as they like, completely FREE.  They can call as often as they like and talk as much as they want.  On this line, women pay for memberships to chat with men!  The number to call for this Chatline is 509-676-1398.



How do I purchase a membership for Talk121?


  • As a first time member to our service, there are many affordable membership packages starting at just $4.99. You can purchase one of our packages right from your telephone while calling Talk121 using a credit, debit or prepaid card.  The process is automated, so NO operators to talk to.  And it is totally secure.



Why is it, when I call a Talk121 local chatline number in my city I am not finding any callers local to me?


  • Our Chatline is national, with  callers from all over the United States, as well as Canada. Talk121 receives thousands of calls each and every day, from all over.  So, depending on how populated your area is, you may or may not hear callers near your location.  Local Numbers that we offer are available as a courtesy to those callers who may prefer to call a number that is in their phone service's "local calling area" (as a way to avoid using their long distance service).



How much does it cost to Chat Live with singles all over the country?  Is it pretty cheap and reasonable?


  • Women are always FREE!  Guys can chat live with any one of our new member packages starting at just $4.99 for 20 minutes of full access to Live Chat, sending messages, etc.






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